Choosing CDN Vendors

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of servers located in various parts of the world to shorten the distance between the website visitor and the server that delivers the content. All in all, CDN is meant to speed up various online resources and enhance the final user’s experience.

CDN is a business and is provided by various content delivery network providers. The number of such companies is rather large, and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the most suitable one. Before choosing anyone, it’s vital to get acquainted with the list of CDN providers that operate on the modern CDN market.

So what are the things to be taken into consideration while choosing the top CDN company?

If you want to compare CDN providers and choose the most appropriate one, there are four main criteria to be taken into consideration:

  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Costs
  • Services

Try to check them all once you’ve decided to deal with not only popular but effective CDN company.


Web sites’ owners around the world use CDN to speed up their internet resources. It may be the main reason why you also want to start using CDN. Before choosing any company, it’s highly recommended to do a homework on CDN comparison. Nearly all CDN companies supply their customers with free trial period. You may use it to assess and see whether this particular CDN delivers your files well to your end user.


Finding an effective CDN company often means finding an appropriate package of services. The set of options is a standard one and may include Origin-Pull, Gzip, API, Purge-All, live stream video support and so on. Some companies can also offer not so common options as a custom CNAME for secure pages.

Price Comparison

Various companies have various prices for CDN service distribution. Nevertheless, clients’ price plans are common on the CDN market, so it’s not right to let initial pricing information lead you in the decision-making process.


Getting good CDN services often means getting a good customer support from the CDN provider. Before paying anything, make sure that the company you’re going to deal with treats its clients in a friendly way. It’s really nice if they have knowledgeable and polite support service staff that is able to understand what the clients need and fix the problems in no time.

Compare CDN Provider

Provider WebsiteFoundedWebsite AccelerationMedia AccelerationPAYGFree Trial
AkamaiAkamai logohttps://www.akamai.com1998Green checkGreen check

Azure (Windows)Azure logohttps://windowsazure.com2010Green checkGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
BitGravityBitGravity logohttp://bitgravity.com2006Green checkGreen checkGreen check
CacheflyCachefly 1999Green checkRed crossRed crossGreen check
CDNetworksCDNetworks logohttps://cdnetworks.com2001Green checkGreen check

CDNsunCDNsun logohttps://cdnsun.com2012Green checkGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
CloudFlareCloudFlare logohttps://cloudflare.com2009Green checkRed crossRed crossGreen check
CloudFrontCloudFront logo checkGreen checkGreen check
EdgeCastEdgeCast logohttps://edgecast.com2008Green checkGreen check
Green check
HighWindsHighWinds logohttps://highwinds.com2002Green checkGreen check
Green check
Level3Level3 logohttps://level3.com2006Green checkGreen check
Green check
LimeLightLimeLight logohttps://limelight.com2001Green checkGreen check
Green check
MaxCDNMaxCDN logohttps://maxcdn.com2009Green checkGreen checkGreen checkGreen check