CDN Price Comparison

How to Choose the Best CDN Companies

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of servers dispersed around the world that permanently confess the final users’ content requests. Every time, a user wants to browse a web resource, CDN looks in its cache to find a necessary copy of the website or file or tries to look for it on another server. As a result, the final web performance of the site enhances and the site becomes a speedy one.

All in all, CDN has quite a lot of advantages and should be used when you:

  • Want to develop your user’s experience in term of speed;
  • Host your files on various domains;
  • Get rid of packet loss and low network latency;
  • Get access to distributed data centers;
  • Get complete analytical data about your site’s web performance.

What do CDN Companies Charge For?

Choosing the most appropriate CDN company may be a little bit tiresome as the number of such companies is rather large. All of them have their own CDN price lists. Once, you’ve decided to apply for CDN services, it’s vital to understand what you are going to pay for.

Overall, content delivery network pricing depends greatly on the way the company’s CDN is structured and the features it possesses. With loads of cases, CDN customer’s are charged for:

  • Content delivery (is usually charged in dollars per GB or TB);
  • Data storage;
  • Support;
  • Additional service.

CDN Cost Comparison

Choosing an appropriate CDN company often means finding the most suitable cost per GB. Today, we’ll try to give you a short review of some CDN companies to help you find best cheap CDN.

Before choosing anybody, it’s vital to get as much as possible information about the companies you’ve got interested in. Check their cost per TB, price per tb and service packages. If the company provides its customers with CDN free trial, it’s reasonable to try it to understand what you’re going to pay for. CDN trial may last up to 15 days of free CDN usage.

Today, we’ve given you some hints and clues on how to compare CDN services costs. Hope that our article will help make the right CDN choice. So below you can see pricing comparison of cdn vendors.

Compare CDN Price

Provider WebsitePrice / TBMonthly FeePrice / 1M ReqPAYGFree Trial
AkamaiAkamai logo

Azure (Windows)Azure logo$120$0$0.1Green checkGreen check
30 days
BitGravityBitGravity logo$150$0$0Green check
CacheflyCachefly $370$99$0Red crossGreen check
30 days
CDNetworksCDNetworks logo

CDNsunCDNsun logo$45$0$0Green checkGreen check
15 days
CloudFlareCloudFlare logo
$0-$3000$0Red crossGreen check
CloudFrontCloudFront logo$120$0$0.9Green check
EdgeCastEdgeCast logo

Green check
HighWindsHighWinds logo

Green check
Level3Level3 logo

Red cross
LimeLightLimeLight logo

Green check
MaxCDNMaxCDN logo$90$0$0Green checkGreen check