CDN Network Comparison

CDN or Content Delivery Network is often viewed as an effective tool in speeding up web resource around the world. If you need to contact worldwide final users or you aren’t happy with your web performance, you may always apply for CDN services and enjoy faster web site’s work and better final user’s experience.

How Does CDN Work And Who Are CDN Network Providers?

CDN is the service that is able to shorten a distance between the final users and the website owner’s server. To understand it, you should get acquainted with such notions as Pops and caching servers. PoPs or Points of Presence are data centers located around the world and that are able to shorten the round trip time by placing the content nearer the final user’s location. Caching servers store and deliver cached files. They are meant to fasten website load time and reduce bandwidth consumption.

When you use a CDN, you store your multiple files’ copies in various geographical locations. This service usually puts your content in various places to provide a good coverage to your users.

CDN is a business that is done by CDN companies or providers. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. To choose the most suitable one, it’s vital to make a CDN compare investigation.

How to Do CDN Services Comparison?

Finding a good CDN company isn’t tricky. Firstly, you should know how to compare CDN providers correctly. For instance, you may choose 4 criteria to take into consideration:

  • Performance
  • CDN network
  • Price
  • Custom support

To assess the benefits of dealing with a particular company, look at its coverage. If the company has PoPs in the geographical region you’re interested in, you may try your hand with it. At least, you may take a free trial period and assess the final user’s speed to understand whether such CDN suits you or not.

Compare CDN Network

Akamai logo


CDNetworks logo


Level3 logo

Level3 map

CDNsun logo

Provider WebsiteNumber of PoPs
AkamaiAkamai logohttps://www.akamai.com1450
CDNetworksCDNetworks logohttps://cdnetworks.com140
Level3Level3 logohttps://level3.com90
CDNsunCDNsun logohttps://cdnsun.com70
CloudFrontCloudFront logo
CloudFlareCloudFlare logohttps://cloudflare.com23
EdgeCastEdgeCast logohttps://edgecast.com25
HighWindsHighWinds logohttps://highwinds.com25
LimeLightLimeLight logohttps://limelight.com25
Azure (Windows)Azure logohttps://windowsazure.com24
CacheflyCachefly 15
MaxCDNMaxCDN logohttps://maxcdn.com10
BitGravityBitGravity logohttp://bitgravity.comNA